Sex Robot Roxxxy in Action [Mechanical engineering]

Sex Robot Roxxxy in Action

Sex robot Roxxxy looking for action

RoxxxyEngineer-inventor Douglas Hines adjusts Roxxxy's head at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. She's being billed as the first life-size robotic girlfriend complete with artificial intelligence. AFP Photo/Robyn Beck

She may have all the charm of flesh-colored silicone, but a negligee-clad rubber doll named Roxxxy is being billed as the first of a legion of sex robots poised to become man's new best friend.

Unveiled at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas over the weekend, Roxxxy was developed by New Jersey-based True Companion and engineer Douglas Hines, and she's way more than a blow-up doll. She's basically an anatomically correct bot engineered to interact with users by responding to simple conversation through an internal speaker. All responses, though, are prerecorded.

Depending on the personality you choose-"Wild Wendy" or "Frigid Farrah" for instance-Roxxxy may purr a metallic, "That gets me hot!" after you introduce a topic like soccer.

Getting excited yet? Well, get this. Roxxxy is so soccer-savvy she can even discuss Manchester United. Apparently, she also snores.

Another possible detraction-some of her voices sound more like Stephen Hawking's vocal synthesizer than that of a hot human female. Roxxxy also has sensors on various parts of her 5-foot, 7-inch, 120-pound body and can tell when she's being touched. No word yet on whether nibbling her ear drives the machine wild.

Hines apparently wants to charge $7, 000 to $9, 000 for Roxxxy and an attached laptop running its software.

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