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These days, some surgeons have four arms and are made of metal and plastic. Use of a robotic assistant called the Da Vinci Surgical System has quadrupled in the last four years, and the machine now helps with incisions and sutures in 2, 000 hospitals around the world. Da Vinci is a multi-purpose robot - the only one of its kind - that can scrub in on heart bypass and valve repair operations, hysterectomies, prostate removal surgeries and other procedures. The Da Vinci robot is not actually performing operations; it only mirrors the movements of the surgeon's hands on two joystick-like controllers.

Intuitive Surgical Inc. was sued by Caltech, which claims the company's da Vinci system for robotic surgery infringes patents held by the university. Irvine-based Intuitive said the lawsuit was without merit and had filed a separate action seeking a declaration that the company wasn't infringing patents.

A French American team has performed the first long-distance robotic surgery, with surgeons in New York City removing the gallbladder of a 68-year-old woman in Strasbourg. Although robotic surgery is now commonplace in at least 100 hospitals around the world, the successful 45-minute operation proves the feasibility of using it over long distances, opening the possibility of operations in the space station, at the poles, on battlefields and in Third World countries.

A woman lies anesthetized on the operating table. Bright primary colors dominate the room: the brilliant yellow of iodine-scrubbed skin, the red of blood, the green of surgical scrubs worn by all. Medical students flank a far wall, the Greek chorus of the surgical theater. From a CD player in the corner, the Beatles croon softly, "I wanna hold your haaand." This looks like any operating room, but this surgery-a heart-valve repair-will be anything but typical.

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How relieble is robotic surgery.

Robotic driven surgery is extremely accurate. The machines are able to access areas with greater stability and consistency then a human could. We continue to see technological developments that strengthen the robotic platform.

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