Robotic Lawn Mower Comparison [Mechanical engineering]

Robotic Lawn Mower Comparison

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Robomow RS612 Robot Lawn MowerWhen I was a kid I dreamed of the day when a robot could mow the lawn for me.

This one cuts very evenly and perfectly - it's pretty amazing.

I have a fairly large irregular shaped yard on a cul-de-sac, I would estimate it to be something like 700m2 front and back, with a really narrow pass to the smaller front yard that I have set up as an accessible sub zone. Usually I order the most powerful unit, but the 612 model seems to be enough. I think it takes a few cycles of the mower to get the job done - I sometimes catch it operating, but most of the time so far the lawn just looks like it is perfectly cut. I think I will save about 40 hours over this (short Canadian) summer.

I am not a perfectionist when it comes to lawns but I really do like how even and perfect the Robomow does the job - I think it's probably due to the "floating deck" whatever that means. You see, I have a few dips and holes and unevenness in the lawn, but this floating deck business probably serves to cut evenly despite the uneven ground.

Maybe one downside is that this mower cuts the grass too short. I am the type of guy who usually lets the grass get 6 inches high and then cuts through the heavy grass and leaves trails of mulched grass around the edges of the mower, does the job, and calls it a day. Robomow's first mow was done on 6 inch high grass and it surprised me because I could not see any "mulch" remains anywhere - it must disintegrate them. These days the robowmow seems to have it a bit too easy in my yard - I almost wish the grass was a bit higher so I could rate it's performance, but it just seems to maintain it so well. Maybe it's a bit short. Longer grass saves water. I have it at 80 mm and I still think that's pretty short, but whatever, it looks great - maybe I'll have other opinions after a full season. So far I have had it running for about 2.5 weeks.

You get lots of wire and stakes and it took me about 2 hours to stake my yard, and a few tweaks and adjustments after. Even now I am still moving stakes here and there and tweaking stuff.

Oh another negative side is the bluetooth range for the app - it's ridiculously poor range, and really not reliable connection to an iPhone 6. A bit dissappointing there I have to say. You make a change on the app and then it loses communication and your change doesn't stick - blah. They need to do a better job on Bluetooth - but even with that downside, I still think it's great.

The menu driven LCD thing is OK - but the terminology is a bit confusing - must have been invented by a Brit or German - you can tell - goofy confusing jargon in there that a North American designer would not have chosen for a human interface.

My advice to the makers - fix the app and Bluetooth.

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