Robotic Laparoscopic [Mechanical engineering]

Robotic Laparoscopic

What are the Advantages of Robotic Surgery?

The wonders of technology can be truly impressive and sometimes daunting. The idea of a robot operating on a human being (for example, on you) could certainly be considered intimidating. So when doctors say they would recommend a procedure using the da Vinci Surgery robotic system, does that sound like a robot is going to perform the operation? Actually the da Vinci system is an ‘Intuitive Surgical Endoscopic Instrument Control System.’ That means the da Vinci system is a combination of computers, electronics and machinery that provides a surgeon with an intuitive tool for seeing and controlling surgical instruments during an operation.

Wristed Control System

Robotic controls are different than traditional laparoscopy. The surgeon sits at the robotic console where fingers are placed into a control system. The system then translates the movements of the surgeons' twisting wrists allowing much more dexterity than laparoscopic instruments which have a handle and only open or close at the tip.

The key point is that the da Vinci system is robotic – it uses robotic arms and instruments – to assist the surgeon. Surgeons perform the procedure in the same sense as if wielding the tools of the trade in their own hands, only in this case the instruments are in robotic ‘hands.’ However, the surgeon is always and in every way in control. The da Vinci system is not programmed to perform the procedures; it makes no decisions and in fact makes no movements that aren’t originated by the surgeon.

Robotic Procedures require a Team approach

The robot is never performing any part of the procedure independently. Robotics involves specialized trained nurses and surgeons. Multiple surgeons are often involved with the procedures. This team approach allows shared specialization during particular portions of the operations as well as ensuring maximal safety at the bedside.

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Cpt code for robot assisted laparoscopic pyelolithotomy.

Use 50549 (unlisted lap. code for kidney) and s2900 for robotic surgery

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