Revo Speed Robot 2 [Mechanical engineering]

Revo Speed Robot 2

Storm 2

Storm 2 (commonly known as Storm II) was a robot that competed in the British television game show .

"Your robot is so pristine...most beautiful robot I've ever seen..."

It was a small invertible box-shaped robot with a wedge on the front and spring-loaded side skirts to negate any flipper attacks and designed to win in a simple and effective way, be reliable, very strong and very sturdy. The robot was originally built with no weapons but the team was asked to add an active weapon in order to take part in the seventh series, so the team came up with a built-in lifting arm, very similar to the American robot Biohazard, although incorrectly stated as having interchangeable weaponry for Series 7. However, it was not the weapon but the immense speed of 23 mph and 18HP drive of the robot that did the most damage to its opponents from two 8.8HP motors, the most powerful ever seen on a competitor robot at the time, and managing to throw The Steel Avenger Out of the Arena in its Series 7 heat final. The robot competed in the seventh series of Robot Wars, winning The Third World Championship at the end of the series, having won the 16th seed into the competition by being victorious in the New Blood Championship of Extreme 2.

Storm 2 was created by Ed Hoppitt, previous member of Team Thermonuclear Warfare. He was joined by Tim Bence and Andrew Rayner. Hoppitt and Bence would alternate driving during the wars. Not long after the filming of New Blood, Andrew Rayner got married, moved house and began a family, so his place on the team was filled by Bence's fiance, Meral Kolac. Tim and Meral are now married and have a baby girl.

One of the main reasons Storm 2 is well known is because it is the most prominent robot never to lose a battle through KO, only losing one battle on a controversial judges' decision, despite not being fully tested and hard to control at times.

Extreme 2


Storm 2 as seen in New Blood

Storm 2 made an alliance with Revolution 2, and proved its power straight away in the first round of the New Blood Championship against Direct Action, pushing it near Mr. Psycho. Storm 2 took a blow from Mr. Psycho, but managed to avoid serious action. A blow from the large blades of Revolution 2 did not cause much visible damage. Storm 2 drove into a CPZ but charged out, skidding into the arena side wall. The sheer force of Storm's attacks immobilised Direct Action on one side, leaving it spinning around in circles, and it was easily dispatched of in the pit, after a brilliant move from Storm 2, when it drove onto the edge to lure Direct Action in.


Traxxas Traxxas E-Revo w/ EVX2 & 2.4 Radio RTR: Silver
Toy (Traxxas)
  • Traxxas TQi 2.4GHz Radio System
  • State-of-the-Art Integrated Chassis Design
  • Water-Sealed Electronics
  • Traxxas Power Cell Batteries Included
  • Top Speed: 30+mph!
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