Remote Controlled Robotic [Mechanical engineering]

Remote Controlled Robotic

Some may argue that a robot is not really a robot if it isnt autonomous. Maybe it is or maybe it isn't. Point being, those some are morons. Learning how to implement remote control features into a robot is a very important skill in robot making. To justify it, I will quickly go over robot intelligent control methods . . .

Introductory to Robot Intelligence
There is actually a spectrum for robot intelligence. Fully remote control and fully autonomous are not your only options. Instead you should decide what level of intelligence you wish your robot to have. Generally assume the more intelligent, the more difficult to build.

Here are the main categories:

Automaton 'Intelligence'
The lowest level of robot 'intelligence' is a simple automaton device. My definition of an automaton is a device where there is absolutely zero decisions made no matter the given environment.Remote Control Transmitter They are simple devices where the action it does is repetitive and automatic. A simple circuit with a motor or a combination of gears and a spring could easily be an automaton. Ever hear of those 'robots' from the 1800's that apparently can write names and poems and other useless stuff? They were very well designed gear integrations. However these 'robots' would keep writing even if the ink well ran out of ink . . . The device simply has no fault tolerance, and will continue attempting the action. They did not even have a method to sense the environment - a requirement of decision making.Remote Control receiver BEAM 'robots' basically fall into the same category, except they are made from very well designed electronics instead of gears.

Remote Control 'Intelligence'
Remote control is the next level of robot 'intelligence.' Our current technology is capable of building so many machines physically capable of so much more than any lifeform on our planet. Our planes fly many times the speed of sound, our everyday cars can cross the Sahara Desert in days, but our best computers cannot even match a roach brain in terms of autonomy. Solution? Put the human brain in the driving seat of our machines. This allows for the best of both worlds. Strength and expendability of a machine, brain of a human. Battlebots is a perfect example.

Tiny Remote Control Receiver Y Harness Servo Motor Robot Teleoperation Microcontroller

Thames & Kosmos Thames & Kosmos Remote-Control Machines: Space Explorers Science Kit
Toy (Thames & Kosmos)
  • With this engineering kit, you can build a remote-controlled model of a robotic rover resembling the ones used to explore Mars
  • This 237-piece construction set includes instructions to build not only the robot rover, but nine additional space-themed models as well
  • A full-color, 64-page step-by-step illustrated manual helps kids assemble all of the models
  • Learn about the history of Mars exploration, robotics in satellites, deep-space exploration, and the robots in popular space-related science fiction
  • This kit is perfect for every kid who is fascinated by the prospects of being an astronaut
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