Most human like Robot [Mechanical engineering]

Most human like Robot

Meet ASIMO, Honda's most human-like robot yet

robotsoccerball.jpgASIMO kicks a soccer ball.


ASIMO is 4 feet tall and 115 pounds, has cameras for eyes and five dextrous fingers on each hand, which it uses to communicate in Japanese sign language. The fingers feature sensors that measure pressure and force, and it understands certain phrases and commands.

Taking the stage at the International Auto Show in New York on April 16, ASIMO showed off its ability to open the lid of a container and pour liquid into a cup. It climbed and descended a set of steps, bowed to the audience, and picked up a piece of paper.

Honda told Mashable that the next steps are teaching ASIMO to recognize non-verbal communication, as well as removing the "creepiness" factor. Doing so will require putting ASIMO in more real-world settings.

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What is the most human like robot right now?

ASIMO is the most human like robot right now. It has bipedal movement and a top speed of 5.6 miles per hour. It can also run backwards, jump up and down and hop on one foot. ASIMO was designed to be a caretaker and can perform practical functions, such as sign language and object handling. on!

What are kinds of material used for building human-like faces on robots? - Quora

Applied Materials (nasdaq: AMAT) builds semi-conductor and related equipement (eg, machines for making solar cells and flat panel TV screens).  They don't build robots or tools for making robots.

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