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Litter Robot manual

Litter Robot II Automatic Litter Box Review

Product description:In this article I will be talking look at the Litter Robot II Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box. We will be covering all the features of the unit consisting of the pros and cons and how it works, how to set it up correctly, and some helpful tips as well as my final conclusion.

This review is not a unbiased cat box review, and I am NOT paid to write these reviews. This review is written from my own personal experience with the LR With that being said I am not trying to sell you on the review, this article has been used by 1000’s of people to make an informed decision if this cat waste receptacle is right for them – take this review as a grain of salt as you see fit.

The Litter Robot is one of the most sophisticated self-cleaning cat trey out on the market today, coming in as the best automatic litter box on the market.
The unit is specifically designed to avoid any scooping, cleaning and general maintaining, for people who have been looking for a NO Scoop solution, this is proven to be a set-and-forget electric waste receptacle solution.

litter robot reviewThe unit can go for weeks with out of cleaning thanks to the roomy waste receptacle located on the base of the unit. But when ever it needs a clean all you have to do is simply open the waste container draw and tie the waste bag, then replace it with another waste bag and you’re done.

Odor is no hurdle for the Litter Robot as this unit is loaded with an impressive carbon filtration system that basically knocks out cat odor keeping your house/apartment clean from any lingering smelly scent.
The unit has no issues in accommodating cats that weigh up to 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms) as well as comfortably catering to multiple cats, up to 7 fully grown cats.

The Design

The LR is made up of a durable solid plastic construction which is made to last. The spheres internals is made up of thick, slippery rubber lining enabling litter clumps to slide into the waste bin with ease.

The unit has a modern spherical design which goes hand in hand with the functionality of flawlessly removing all sorts of cat waste and odor.
The specious waste container is located in the base of the unit which functions as a regular draw hatch where a litter bag is placed to collect the waste.

litter robot review control panel

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How to change litter in litter robot? | Yahoo Answers

What kind of litter do you use, Clumping? Cats perfer that plus is the litter scented? Some cats hate and won't use scented litter.

How good is the Litter-Robot II automatic litter box?

The Housekeeping Channel rated the Litter-Robot II 8.5/10. They say it uses less litter (thereby saving money), is easy to assemble, and is relatively quiet.

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