FANUC Robot Programming [Mechanical engineering]

FANUC Robot Programming

FANUC Robot Programming and Simulation

Automation Solutions is your go-to place for FANUC programming in Melbourne and also Australia wide.

Why use a robot?

In most cases a robot system provides a better alternative to manual technology due to many factors including:
• Reduced OH&S
• Increased output
• 24 hour by 7 day operation, and ‘lights out’ operation
• Automated and remote monitoring of operations
• Safer working environment
• Flexibility to handle a large range of products
• Adaptable to new products
• Reliability – Fanuc has the best Mean Time Between Failure rates
• Measurable ROI

Fanuc Robot Simulation

FANUC Robotics’ RoboGuide family of simulation software packages provide the ability to create, program and simulate a robotic workcell in 3D, without the need or expense of physical prototypes and extensive programming. By utilising virtual robots, workcell models and offline programming, FANUC RoboGuide reduces the FANUC programmer’s risk by enabling visualisation of single and multi-robot layouts prior to system installation.

True robot operation is provided by the programmer using virtual robot controllers, which contain a real copy of the software that runs on your FANUC robot. The integrated virtual teach pendant looks and operates just like a real teach pendant. Accurate cycle time reporting is essential when optimising a workcell. RoboGuide’s cycle time profiler provides cycle time at the program, routine and motion instruction level. FANUC Robot programming offers many application-specific plug-ins for RoboGuide including: WeldPRO, HandlingPRO, PalletPRO, PickPRO, PaintPRO and MotionPRO. These plug-ins offer additional processspecific capabilities

Maisto Maisto Twist & Shoot Remote Control Street Trooper Transforming Robot Green & Black
Toy (Maisto)
  • Green & Black Color
  • Transforms with unique twisting motion controlled by the remote
  • Shoots soft tip darts from a 6 unit cannon in either car or robot mode
  • Features a tri-channel transmitter so 3 Maisto vehicles may be driven simultaneously
  • Morphs from car to robot and back again while in a stationary or moving position
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How do you figure the weld speed on fanuc robot.

The motion speed for the weld speed on a fanuc robot is J1 120 (degrees)/s (2.09 rad/s) J2 120 (degrees)/s (2.09 rad/s).

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