Biomechanical Skull tattoos [Mechanical engineering]

Biomechanical Skull tattoos

Biomech Collective Instagram Photo Reference Contest

Announcing the October 2015 contest at @biomech_collective: The Biomechanical Skull! Let's face it, skulls are just plain fun, and biomech skulls are not only fun but wicked cool. So this month we are challenging you all to come up with biomech skulls in the medium of your choice, although this will not include pieces actually done on skin but can include paint, marker, pencil, sculpting, digital or a combination of any of the above. And as much as we love collaborations, such as the piece pictured here, for this contest we are asking for single-artist entries. All artists are welcome, including those who normally don't specialize in mech but want to give it a shot. Let's see your weirdest, scariest, craziest, most alien nightmare mutant skull visions! Judging will happen on Halloween and winners announced by November second. You must repost the above image on Instagram to be eligible... Help spread the word! #biomech #skull #contest #tattoo #tattooart #darkart #skullmech
Image above is a collaboration by @jeffcroci @danhazelton @gwooki @kurt_windish @joshruffdotcom @lucasluzlucas @gr_onez and others

Prizes will include books, shirts, prints and other goodies, plus that all-important bit of mojo you get from being excellent at something! Specific prizes will be announced shortly. Skinyourskunk Biomechanical-Skull Premium Vinyl Guitar Skin Extra Large 26Wx24H
Musical Instruments (
  • High definition, full color graphics printed on premium quality, marine grade vinyl.
  • Adhesive backed for durability, high-gloss clear coat.
  • Our skins fit any electric, bass or acoustic guitar. Please choose the size that fits your guitar.
  • Our uncut skins are easy to install in about 1 hour see instructions at skinyourskunk
  • Extra large 26 inches in width by 24 inches in height. Fits flying v, explorer, dimebag, jazz basses, etc.
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Biomechanical skull custom tattoo design from LA.
Biomechanical skull custom tattoo design from LA.
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Mr Atlantaink skull sleeve biomechanical free hand tattoo
Mr Atlantaink skull sleeve biomechanical free hand tattoo ...
Biomechanical skull tattoo
Biomechanical skull tattoo


What is the meaning of a candy skull in tattoo?

im not 100% but i believe its a symbol of good luck

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