BioMechanical Scorpion [Mechanical engineering]

BioMechanical Scorpion

Imaginext Cosmic Chaos Ion Scorpion

There's some great up-close detail here. Every surface is textured in some way, with an assortment of spines and bumps really selling the idea of a biomechanical craft (the Imaginext blurb actually implies it may be a living creature the alien pilot is riding.) There's also a pretty decent amount of detail within the driver's position, with a padded-effect seat and a couple of control sticks (which fit neatly into the figure's hands...)

The wheels roll reasonably well (although it can struggle on smoother surfaces) and they have a cool ''claw-like'' feel to them. It's a shame they're not four-pointed (mimicking a scorpion's eight legs) but then they'd have looked like swastikas and we'd probably be hearing local news stories about an evil toy company pushing a Nazi agenda... Still, I like the way they move, as it gives the impression of something walking or crawling, rather than simply rolling along.

The tail has a ratcheted joint, allowing it to be moved (thus allowing access to the cockpit) or it can be re-positioned for whatever play scenario you decide upon.

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