Biomechanical forces [Mechanical engineering]

Biomechanical forces


There many types of forces to consider when looking at biomechanics. A detailed consideration of these forces is necessary to achieve a full picture of the biomechanical system. There are 4 types of forces to consider with biomechanics mentioned below. However, this is by no means an exhaustive list of all the forces involved with biomechanics. It is only meant to display the amount of complexity involved with human biomechanics and to help compose a free-body diagram.

  • Motion Forces -Rotatory, Tranlatory, Curvilinear
  • External Forces – Gravity, Wind, Objects, Other People
  • Internal Forces – Muscles, Connective Tissue (Elastic), Bone
  • Reactionary Forces – Ground Reaction, Joint Reaction, Gliding/Shear/Friction

Force is the basic component that biomechanics are built upon. Force is a vector component that has a point of application, a magnitude, and a direction. There are many types of forces that act on a biomechanical system. Being able to construct a detailed free-body diagram of the primary segment and adjacent segments will help to develop the full static and/or dynamic biomechanical picture.


Biomechanic Relationships

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