Biomechanical Flash [Mechanical engineering]

Biomechanical Flash

Using with Dynamic Biomechanics

Baton exchange angles - as measured by a biomechanics studentDynamic Biomechanics, the first of its kind e-text, embedded with video and teamed with Dartfish technology, brings difficult biomechanical concepts to life for university biomechanics students. Professors across the USA, in both traditional and online settings, are choosing an interactive, authentic, hands on learning experience for their students. And combined with Dartfish award winning technology, students view, manipulate, and analyze movement and performance to best prepare for success in the classroom and beyond.

A video-infused e-text bundled with Dartfish changes, enhances, and refines learning, giving students marketable skills for future careers as PE teachers, trainers, physical and occupational therapists and sports medicine specialists.

Insights shared by biomechanics professors using Dartfish and Dynamic Biomechanics

Students are engaged with better understanding of the analysis of a skill or movement. Students are motivated during group projects to engage in the analysis and decision making process.

“When looking at joint angles without degrees, you think it’s one thing, but it ends up being different.” – University Biomechanics Student

Student video projects have more real world application with better assessment of learning.

“With the Dartfish ‘tools’ it takes the analysis process to a higher level of critical thinking and concept application. One example would be learning the difference between absolute and relative angles. As a prof, an absolute angle and relative angle are simple concepts. I did not realize, until the students started using Dartfish that they did not understand the difference between the two. Secondly, the illustrations on the video and the still photos clearly demonstrated the students’ understanding of the biomechanical concepts and their ability to identify the point of application of force, direction of force, and the CM.” – Dr. Deb Allyn, University of Wisconsin, River Falls

Dartfish Technology is incorporated into multiple programs at SUNY Cortland, including Kinesiology, Athletic Training, Sports Management, Physical Education, Athletics, and Research. Dr. Jeff Bauer, in the Department of Kinesiology at SUNY Cortland, teaches undergraduate biomechanics using Dynamic Biomechanics. Bauer is also the Co-Director of the Biomechanics Laboratory. Under his direction, Dartfish is used in classroom lecture, student laboratories, for research, and by the SUNY Cortland Dartfish Club.

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What is the bio-mechanics in aerobic exercise.

As you work out, your body needs more energy. It takes more oxygen and nutrients from your blood, so your blood must move more to continue to supply your body with the resources it needs. This means your heart needs to pump harder, and just like when you lift weights your arm muscles get stronger, when your heart pumps harder its muscles get stronger. So people who have good cardio fitness have a heart that is very strong and can easily pump a lot of blood when you need it.

What is the significance of studying BIOMECHANICS OF EXERCISE? | Yahoo Answers

i need some importances of it or please discuss it. thanks. i really really need to know its significance because i don't know what it's about

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