Biomechanical Face [Mechanical engineering]

Biomechanical Face

Biomechanical Response of the Human Face and Corresponding Biofidelity of the FOCUS Headform

In order to evaluate a human surrogate, the human and surrogate response must be defined. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the response of cadaver subjects to blunt impacts to the frontal bone, nasal bone and maxilla. Force-displacement corridors were developed based on the impact response of each region. Variation in the force-displacement response of the cadaver subjects due to the occurrence of fracture and fracture severity was demonstrated. Additionally, impacts were performed at matched locations using the Facial and Ocular CountermeasUre Safety (FOCUS) headform. The FOCUS headform is capable of measuring forces imposed onto facial structures using internal load cells. Based on the tests performed in this study, the nasal region of the FOCUS headform was found to be the most sensitive to impact location. Due to a wide range in geometrical characteristics, the nasal impact response varied significantly, resulting in wide corridors for human response. The FOCUS headform was found to be repeatable and produced similar forces to the cadaver subjects for the frontal bone and maxilla impact locations.

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Drawing a biomechanical face.
Drawing a biomechanical face.
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