Biomechanical exercises [Mechanical engineering]

Biomechanical exercises

How to Prepare Your Biomechanics for Sport and Exercise

Irrespective of the sports you perform, the type of training or exercise you do, or indeed at what level, preparation of your biomechanics is an important part of your training program and is essential to compliment your physiological and functional training and screening.

The practical application of biomechanical screening can be used as an integral part of a sports injury prevention and management program, a conditioning program for optimal performance and is the basis upon which a functional training program and a sports conditioning program can be delivered safely and most effectively.

Sports Conditioning for Functional Training

Functional training prepares you for training functionally, but what prepares you for functional training? Functional training has its origins in rehabilitation and has been around for 40 years or more. In this time we have established that biomechanical screening is a critical precursor to functional screening and functional training, otherwise you simply continue to experience problems. As the functional concepts start to become more widely accepted in fitness, coaching and conditioning fields, it is important to recognize that the biomechanical screening has not yet followed into these arenas. Functional and biomechanical screening and training are very important aspects of an overall conditioning program for any sport or activity and are complimentary in every way. For example, there are many people who pass a functional screen, yet fail a biomechanical screen. They detect different factors, both of which are important to the trainer.

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