Best Nanotechnology Companies [Mechanical engineering]

Best Nanotechnology Companies

5 Nanotechnology Companies I Would Like to Work At

Chemical Engineers are needed in many industries including Nanotechnology, so there are a lot of job opportunities out there. That being said, if one was to decide to work for a Nanotechnology company, which should he or she choose? Which companies offer a rewarding career and which offer simply material rewards but offer boring or stressful jobs? Here is my list of 5 Nanotechnology companies I would like to work at:

1) NanoInk – As my first pick, I need to put NanoInk, a nanofabrication and nanolitography company headquartered in the Illinois Science and Technology Park in Skokie, IL. I had a pleasure of working in educational wing of Nanoink during my Summer Internship Program at Nanoprofessor – I wrote about my experiences before in the internship article and the thank you note for NanoInk and NanoProfessor teams posted on my blog.
First of all, the people at NanoInk are great – kind, courteous, knowledgeable, and professional – but most of all, completely excited about working with Nanotechnology! The atmosphere in the lab was always such that I enjoyed every day of my internship, as well as the time I spent working as a Chemical Lab Technician before returning to school to start my Chemical Engineering program. Some of my greatest mentors and scientists I consider my role models are employees of NanoInk.

Secondly, NanoInk is a fast growing company in the middle of a fast growing industry. If it was a publicly traded company, it would top my list in my recent article about top nanotechnology stocks worth investing in. The company is very secure financially and has great growth prospects, so it offers real job security to its employees.

Lastly, NanoInk is a cutting-edge company! They are at the fore-front of research into many areas of Nanotech, so if one wants to join a team of the best of the best in Nanotechnology, NanoInk is a place to be!

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What is the best college for nanotechnology.

The College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering (CNSE) at the University at Albany SUNY, is the top ranked nanotechnology college.

What would be the best place in India for intern in nanotechnology at undergraduate level? - Quora

It is tough to score intern at UG level in nanoE, primarily because of the level of education. 99% of the students are not familiar with the semicon fabrication processes and do not have a good level of Solid State Physics (of course there are exceptions), but as these things are not taught at UG level it is tough to score intern at that level.
Despite that, if one is really interested, he/she can apply at IISC, IITB, BARC, IIT Madras. These instities afaik have some research going on on nanoE.

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