Badminton smash Biomechanics [Mechanical engineering]

Badminton smash Biomechanics

Badminton Smash Shot Biomechanics

To everyone playing the game, the smash is the most aggressive and attacking stroke in badminton. It is often employed to finish a point or to increase the tempo of the game. Male players substantially more often use it than their female counterparts.

It is very important to understand the badminton smash shot biomechanics, as it will help players to execute the shot to perfection. It is also necessary for the coach to be well versed in as they can then identify the errors made by the players in executing the shot and rectify them.

Before discussing about the badminton smash shot biomechanics, you must understand that the smash is basically a rearcourt shot, but can be taken from anywhere in the court depending on the situation. In preparation, the player stands sideways to the net with his racket hand facing away from the net and the elbows and shoulders nearly parallel to the horizontal and the racket head held overhead. From this position, the racket hand is swung forwards towards the shuttle, the arm coming in high and close to the head and the racket thrust forwards.

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Analyzing the badminton smash shot biomechanics has revealed that during this phase there is a powerful inward rotation of the arm, followed by inward rotation of the forearm and lastly a flexion of the hand. The impact with the shuttle occurs high and slightly in front of the body.

At the time of impact, the racket is gripped tightly and the entire body weight is thrown behind the shot to make it more powerful. The higher the shot is taken, the more steep it is and that much more difficult to return. That is why a jumping smash is much more effective.

In the final phase, the racket hand follows through in the trajectory of the shuttle.

The importance of being familiar with the badminton smash shot biomechanics in badminton is obvious. We often see beginners executing the smash shot with very jerky movements of the racket hand ending up with very poor shuttle velocities. Professional players, on the other hand, obtain exceptional shuttle velocities with their smash shots. The difference lies in fluent execution of the shot following the proper biomechanical principles. This comes with experience and proper guidance.

Now the importance of a coach with a sound knowledge of the badminton smash shot biomechanics becomes apparent. Such a person can identify the problem areas of his wards and guide them accordingly. This will ensure a better performance from the player who will have a stinging and effective smash shot in his armoury.

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What is the best smash in badminton?

Earlier was By Lee Chong Wei, it went 287km/h
The last is for Fu Hifeng  chineese double badminton player who smash reached 465 km/h and registered in Guinness records book, He used Younex Arcsaber70 for that smash 

How fast is a smash in badminton?

421 Km per hour (261.2 Mph).
that's the record from a (Malaysian) Tan Boon Heong

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