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Major plenary lectures and international conferencesProfessor Matt Trau is currently a Professor of Chemistry at The University of Queensland; and is also Deputy Director and co-founder of the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. Since graduating from the University of Sydney (BSc Hons I, University Medal) and the University of Melbourne (PhD in Physical Chemistry, 1993), he has held positions in industry and academia across the globe. These include a Fulbright Research Fellowship at Princeton University, USA; and a research

"Novel strategies for Prediction and Control of Advanced Breast Cancer via Nanoscaled Epigenetic-Based Biosensors", 2008-2013; and "Enabling Clinical Epigenetic Diagnostics: The Next Generation of Personalized Breast Cancer Care", 2013-2018. These grants involve research collaborations with some of the highest calibre scientists in the world, e.g., Dr Lee Hartwell (2001 Nobel Laureate) from Seattle was a co-chief investigator on the NIRAP grant, and each of the NBCF grants include leading geneticists, pathologists and oncologists from across Australia and around the world. In the past five years, he has been a consultant for a range of national and international companies such as Merck, Digene, Beckman Coulter, Panbio and A.I. Scientific, as well as being the founder and Director of Nanomics BioSystems Pty Ltd (a spinoff company from his laboratory).

Since 2003, Professor Trau has presented more than 60 invited plenary/keynote lectures at major international conferences spanning the disciplines of Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Cancer and Diagnostics. Recent examples include: the 4th International NanoBio Conference, (Seattle) 2012; the 14th International Colloid & Surface Science Conference, (Japan) 2012; "Cancer Nanotechnology" Gordon Research Conference, (USA) 2011; the WA Cancer Conference 2011; Sydney Cancer Conference, 2010. In the past 10 years, Professor Trau has played the role of conference convenor, chair, co-chair and symposium chair for 10 major international conferences. Recent examples include: immediate past chair of the 1st International Conference on BioNano Innovation, (Brisbane) 2012; co-chair of the 5th International NanoBio Conference scheduled for Brisbane in 2014.

Recent Publications

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