Applied Nanotechnology [Mechanical engineering]

Applied Nanotechnology

Applied Nanotechnology: The Conversion of Research Results to Products examines the commercial and social aspects of nanotechnology. The book is organized into four parts. Part 1 presents an overview of nanotechnology. It discusses the definition of nanotechnology; the relationship between wealth, technology, and science; the relationship between nanotechnology and innovation; and the question of why one might wish to introduce nanotechnology.
Part 2 explains the nanotechnology business and the applications of nanotechnology in a wide range of industries, including engineering, aerospace, automotive, food, textiles, information technologies, and health. Part 3 deals with specific commercial and financial aspects. These include business models for nanotechnology enterprises, demand assessment for nanotechnology products, and the design of nanotechnology products.
Part 4 looks at the future of nanotechnology. It examines how nanotechnology can contribute to the big challenges faced by humanity, such as climate change and terrorism. Ethical issues are also considered, including risk, uncertainty, and regulation.

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how can nanotechnology applied to geology? | Yahoo Answers

There are some areas that are quite dangerous such as volcanology. Rather than sending people up close to monitor an erupting volcano or volcano threatening to erupt, which is very dangerous. You send little nanobots or other sources of nano technology to monitor dangerous things. We have them to do gas readings and other dangerous jobs.
I read an article about this from my world volcanism group I wish I saved the link. Here is another link you may find interesting.

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