Applications Of Nanotechnology In Environmental [Mechanical engineering]

Applications Of Nanotechnology In Environmental

Nanotechnology in Environmental Applications: The Global Market




This report will focus on and survey global markets for present and future potential nanotechnology products developed for environmental applications through 2014. Factors involved in driving product demand within this vast untapped market will be explored in conjunction with trends, potential sales, and forecasts for various market sectors. Investigations will be conducted to elucidate current research efforts, as well as the characterization and quantification of developing environmental nanotechnologies already poised to enter the marketplace. In addition, manufacturers involved with the production of these nanotechnologies, along with their anticipated product volumes will be analyzed to demonstrate how these advances might impact specific environmental market segments.


Expansive potential markets for environmental nanotechnology (“E-nano”) products already exist for a wide array of urgently needed environmental remedial applications, some of which appear to have requirements that are approaching critical levels. Indeed, it can be considered as essential that innovative and robust nanotechnology-based remedial technologies be developed as rapidly as possible in order to assure our continued well-being, if not our very survival long-term.

Conventional environmental remedial solutions seem to be relatively ineffectual in the face of currently extensive and expanding pollutant loads that permeate the air, water, and soil environments. This has been repeatedly evidenced by the limited successes seen in response to addressing recent large-scale cleanup challenges. Nanotechnologies dedicated to environmental cleanup may evolve to levels of sophistication and efficiency such that contaminant-affected areas might very well be “engineered” back to their original integrity; so as to “reset” the conditions for the restoration of their delicate balance.


The scope of this research report will envelop four primary high-demand areas for nanotechnological components, products and systems for application to the environment. These are organized according to levels of perceived critical importance. In a strategic sense they might all be implemented simultaneously, in that dedicated nanotechnologies emanating from each area may support and enhance the others. This report will be divided into four primary sections, which will be discussed in more detail in the Summary. These sections investigate nanotechnologies for the following applications:

  • Environmental remediation
  • Environmental protection
  • Environmental maintenance
  • Environmental enhancement

All revenue figures are in U.S. dollars.


The methodology involved in the compilation of this report included extensive literature searches, assimilation and distillation of environmentally related nanotechnology research. Where clarification or additional information was required to further elucidate specific technologies, individual researchers were contacted. Companies were consulted when a more in-depth description of their processes, products and perceived markets was warranted.

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