American Journal of Nanotechnology [Mechanical engineering]

American Journal of Nanotechnology

American Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research

AJNNRAims to publish original articles and reviews on all areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology based on chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, materials science, and engineering. Topics cover synthesis, assembly, theory, and simulation of nanostructures, nanobiotechnology, nanomedicine, nanofabrication, and methods and tools for nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Article Publication Fee

American Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research does not currently require any Article Publication Fee.


G. Vimala, E. Murugan 1-19
Monalisa Chakraborty, Sukhen Das, Ruma Basu, Papiya Nandy 20-30
E F Abo Zeid, Young Tae Kim 31-40
Ayesha Kausar 41-50
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What is genre of American Journal?

There are some examples of this being true:
Gut <-> Gastroenterology and American Journal of Gastroenterology
Brain <-> Annals of Neurology or Journal of Neurosurgery
But some counterexamples as well:
Thorax <-> Chest
In some cases, creating a short name is problematic. What simple, down to earth Anglo-Saxon name would one give the Journal of Urology?

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