BITS Pilani Mechanical Engineering [Mechanical engineering]

BITS Pilani Mechanical Engineering

How are placements in mechanical engineering at BITS Pilani?

· In general the companies that visit any campus of any university are mostly for circuit branches (Compsci, EEE, EnI, ECE*). If Mech./Chem./Civil profiles are oriented towards such jobs then they might get placed in such companies.

· Otherwise only the top notch Mech./Chem./Civil guys get placed in core companies on the campus, i mean the guys with a good CGPA and who are serious about getting placed and also have an interest in the core companies.

· The average/low CGPA Mech./Chem./Civil. guy may have to look for off campus opportunities.

· But they do well in life. They do M.S., M.B.A., PhD, join startups, do startups, prepare for Civil Services/Govt. Jobs. They all have high IQ and are destined to be successful in the corporate world.

· But beyond IQ BITS also develops the EQ, which helps people in their lives personally and professionally. All HR managers are looking for good EQ people for higher roles in companies.

· It is only possible in a campus which allows interaction between students from all walks of life, which does not discriminates and also gives some freedom. BITS has no attendance and only favours merit based admissions (High IQ people). It gives the time of life one needs to explore what is beyond studying and gaining knowledge of the physical world. One of that is the relationships, friends, experiences, working as a team, realizing your emotional side etc.

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What is the job outlook for a biomechanical engineer?

it will increase faster than most occupations throughout 2006-2016

How to Become a Biomechanical Engineer.

A biomechanical engineer is a branch of the biomedical engineering field that uses mechanical engineering principles to solve health and medical related problems. For example, biomechanical or biomedical engineers work to develop prostheses, which replace missing body parts on patients. The educational path to become a biomechanical engineer must follow required coursework in engineering and medical subjects.

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