Best Uni for Mechanical Engineering [Mechanical engineering]

Best Uni for Mechanical Engineering

Exciting research results, relaxing beach retreats

Tae (Joy) Hattori, a PhD candidate in mechanical engineeing, is studying at the University of Sydney. Her native Japan, and more specifically, the Aichi province, home to the headquarters of the Toyota Motor Corporation, is known for its global leadership in the field of mechanical engineering. So why did she choose Sydney?

“The university’s faculty of engineering and information technologies is one of the best in the world in both research and teaching, ” she explains.

“Also, the university is located in one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, where people accept and respect diversity, which is one of many things I love about Sydney.”

Her fields of specialism are computational fluid dynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer, and her current research focuses on numerical and experimental investigations of buoyancy-driven flows.

“I have particularly enjoyed conducting experiments and making comparisons with numerical simulations, ” Joy says. “One of the most exciting moments in the last three years of my PhD was when I saw both results showing a close match.

“I also like presenting my research outcomes at conferences as it is a great opportunity to gain feedback from experts in the field, which has helped me sharpen my research skills.”

As Joy points out, Bondi Beach is only the best known of the numerous beaches and bays around Sydney. Her own favorites include Watson’s Bay for its stunning sunsets, and Gordon’s Bay, where she enjoys snorkelling.

Most of all, however, it’s the environment within the university that Joy values. “I have gained many things throughout my two degrees – not only academic skills, but also global communication skills and project management skills which are critical for both professional engineers and researchers.”

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