Best Mechanical Engineering undergraduate Schools [Mechanical engineering]

Best Mechanical Engineering undergraduate Schools

These rankings are based on surveys of deans and senior faculty members at engineering programs.

These rankings are based on surveys of deans and senior faculty members at engineering programs.

Engineering school deans and faculty members were surveyed in spring 2015 and asked to rate each program they were familiar with on a scale from 1 (marginal) to 5 (distinguished) for these rankings. Two peer assessment surveys were sent to each ABET-accredited engineering program.

U.S. News has separate rankings for undergraduate engineering programs at colleges that offer doctoral degrees in engineering and for engineering programs at colleges whose terminal degree in engineering is a bachelor's or master's. Two separate surveys and respondent groups were used, which means that deans and senior faculty only rated engineering programs within their own ranking category.

Research at the graduate level often influences the undergraduate curriculum, and engineering schools with doctoral programs in engineering tend to have the widest possible range of undergraduate offerings. Students who prefer a program focused on undergraduates can consult the list of top programs at schools whose terminal engineering degree is the bachelor's or master's.

In spring 2015, 30 percent of those surveyed returned ratings of the group whose terminal degree in engineering is a bachelor's or master's; 51 percent did so for the doctoral group. This year, for the first time, we used the two most recent years' responses rather than just the most recent year's to calculate the overall undergraduate engineering results in both categories. By incorporating a larger number of ratings, the results will more fully represent the universe of faculty members being surveyed.

We also asked those same respondents for nominations of the 10 best engineering programs in specialty engineering areas such as civil, chemical, mechanical and electrical. Those receiving the most mentions in each appear on the site, ranked in descending order by number of mentions. A school or program had to receive seven or more nominations in a specialty area to be listed. This means that schools ranked at the bottom of each specialty ranking have received at least seven nominations.

The rankings of the best engineering programs in a specialty are based solely on the results from the spring 2015 peer survey. Schools offering any courses in a specialty are eligible to be ranked in that specialty area. The specialty rankings are not based on whether an engineering program has specific undergraduate-level ABET accreditation in that specialty area.

The peer assessment surveys were conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs, an international market research firm.

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What is the best engineering undergraduate school in the united state

Albert Nerken School of Engineering is ranked as the top undergraduate engineering program in the country. (212)-353-4000

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