Best Mechanical Engineering software [Mechanical engineering]

Best Mechanical Engineering software

Which mechanical engineering software is the best?

I agree with you entirely. Problem is that there are some fudge factors in the flow computations, e.g. for k-e model, friction factors, k's for throughs and bends, etc., so for problems solved on a routine basis everything is fine and dandy, but when you want the Fluent to suggest some novel design solution you are at the mercy of arbitrary selection of models and tuneups. A company that sells in bulk what I design on a retail basis, they pay over 2 million US dollars per year to have the software maintained and upgraded and still have to experiment a lot. The crux is that fluid flow equations change types with compressibility or limited-scope modelling, often have parabolic aproximations, pressure inlet and outlet conditions are known only to some extent, to say nothing about heat exchange on the boundary, and than you get all the partial pressures, particulates and droplets to worry about. My point of view is that computing is subject to the same limitation in engineering everything else is, bang for the buck, or cost and time versus the yield. If the Fluent tells you how your heat exchanger would work to a degree of the accuracy you require, hesitate no more. For a tri-fluid, supersonic nozzle or an incopressible turbuent boundary layer over a deterministic roughness wall, get a rough view and go to a workbench.

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Mechanical vs Software Engineering
Mechanical vs Software Engineering


What is mechanical engineering software?

Mechanical engineering software is a collection of programs, processes and information that allows engineers to calculate, model, and depict multifaceted engineering problems and to save calculations for future use. There are two main functions of mechanical engineering software – calculation management and design.

what is the best FREE cad software for mechanical engineer students? | Yahoo Answers

Autodesk products are good to know in the US and they have free student versions:

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