Best Mechanical Engineering graduate Schools [Mechanical engineering]

Best Mechanical Engineering graduate Schools

Top Mechanical Engineering Graduate Schools: List of Schools

Students in a mechanical engineering graduate program focus on the research, design and development of consumer products, such as tools, mechanics and engines. Coursework may include the study of energy, nanotechnology, thermodynamics and bioengineering. Most entry-level jobs in the field call for a bachelor's degree, but a master's degree or doctorate is often required for research jobs, advanced career placement or teaching positions. The two schools discussed below are the highest-ranked schools for mechanical engineering in the country; they both grant master's and doctoral degrees in the field.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA

School Highlight: U.S. News & World Report ranked Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as the top mechanical engineering school in 2015.

MIT offers a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree program that centers around a thesis. Students must find a faculty member to supervise their thesis work. The doctoral program in mechanical engineering at MIT culminates in either a Doctor of Science or a Ph.D. Requirements are the same for both degrees and include a principle and secondary area of mechanical engineering study along with significant original research presented and defended in a thesis.

2. Stanford University in Stanford, CA

School Highlight: Stanford University was the number two school in the 2015 mechanical engineering rankings.

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering which prepares students to enter their field of specialization. The department's five main themes are; biomedicine, computational engineering, design, energy and multi-scale engineering. Stanford offers two post-master's degrees including; Engineer and Doctor of Philosophy.

Top Engineering Graduate Programs

School Name Distinction Location
Carnegie Mellon University Mechanical engineering department hosts seven centers focusing on product innovation, vehicle electrification and more; the school also hosts related interdisciplinary centers Pittsburgh, PA
Cornell University Department research areas include fluid dynamics, advanced fibrous composites, biomedical mechanics, combustion, and design and manufacturing Ithaca, NY
Johns Hopkins University Hosts student chapter of Engineers Without Borders - USA Baltimore, MD
Northwestern University There are five master's specializations (plus a thesis/non-thesis option) and five doctoral specializations in mechanical engineering Evanston, IL
Ohio State University - Main Campus Home to nine research centers dedicated to aerospace, automotive and nuclear materials research, among other topics Columbus, OH
Princeton University Program options include MSE, PhD and an industry-sponsored MEng offered part-time Princeton, NJ
Texas A & M University ranked the graduate mechanical engineering program #8 among public schools (2015) College Station, TX

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