Best Companies for Mechanical engineers [Mechanical engineering]

Best Companies for Mechanical engineers

What tech companies have the best mechanical engineers?

Let me give this answer in Indian perspective.
Since an engineer is developed as a professional not just by his engineering degree but also after years of experience and training.
But, that kind of classification would get too subjective and complicated. So, we will make an assumption that the better the engineering college of graduation, better the student (This assumptions holds true for majority of cases, barring few exceptions where some premier institutes produce good for nothing professionals and some unknown institutes make very skilled ones).

So Indian engineering education can be divided into 3 sections

1. IITs: Mechanical engineers from coveted IITs don't go into core mechanical companies. Most of the time. They have more lucrative options of investment banking, consultancy and core mechanical engineering doesn't compete in. So, They are basically not practising mechanical engineers.

2. NITs: Better NITs are at par with IITs in terms of quality of education. These people are actually running the core industries. The biggest chunk of good engineers in any organization are from these institutes.

3. State level colleges: These colleges are made primarily for teaching IT and Computer Science, except few renowned government colleges, hardly any college has proper infrastructure or talent pool.

So, we have the classification of the pool of mechanical engineers with their quality coming in market every year. Where do these people go?

1. PSU's: NITians treat PSU as their dream job. Majority of the class wait for the Maharatna and Navratnas to come to recruit. In my personal opinion, although not completely used and exploited but these PSU's have the best talent pool in India in mechanical engineering for sure.
Specially these companies:

The number of accomplished mechanical engineers, these companies possess can bring major multinationals to shame.

2. Respected and established companies like TATA group, L&T: These companies are among the best in India and their work culture too is quite laid back like that of PSUs.

With my own experience, I can claim that in term of quality of mechanical engineers, the MNCs situated in India are not at all competent. The biggest challenge being attrition rate. Indian companies face the biggest challenge in face of trained workforce switching to other companies. They don't have a stable workforce.

P.S.: IES officers in India, Indian Railways, ISRO, BARC and DRDO are organizations that can boast of best engineers in India, but these are government departments and not companies as asked specifically in question.

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If u need good salary then u need pg...the best companies like mercedes,vw,audi wont hire unless u ve do ms in mit,texas r someother good universities...hope it is helpful

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