Best Colleges for Mechanical Engineering [Mechanical engineering]

Best Colleges for Mechanical Engineering

Top 10 Universities for Mechanical Engineering

At Stanford, the mechanical engineering school identifies five key research “themes”: biomedicine, computational engineering, design, energy and multi-scale engineering. These intersect with five major research groups, known as the Biomechanical Engineering Program, Design Group, Flow Physics & Computational Engineering Group, Mechanics & Computation Group, and Thermosciences Group.

3. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge’s school of Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Design has a strong focus on research connected to vehicles and transportation – with two of its major research initiatives being the Transport Research Group and the Cambridge Vehicle Dynamics Consortium. There’s also an Applied Mechanics group focusing on dynamics and vibration problems in transport design, an interdisciplinary Materials Engineering team, and a Tribology program focusing on issues such as the mechanics of surface distress.

4. Imperial College London

At Imperial College London, mechanical engineering research is organized into three broad categories: Applied Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials and Thermofluids. Within these three strands, Imperial researchers are engaged in exploring the applications of mechanical engineering within diverse industries including healthcare, transport, energy and defence.

5. University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

With a similarly broad focus, UC Berkeley’s mechanical engineering school identifies five main areas for its research: Biomechanical Engineering & Health; Controls & Dynamics of Complex Systems; Energy Science & Technology; Green & Sustainable Technologies; and Micro and Nano Engineering. For those interested in the role of mechanical engineering in sustainable development, the Berkeley Energy & Sustainable Technologies (BEST) Lab has research projects focusing on sustainable product design, alternative energy sources, sustainable technologies and sustainable communities.

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