Bachelor degree of Mechanical Engineering [Mechanical engineering]

Bachelor degree of Mechanical Engineering

A Nationally Renowned Program

Ranking in the top twenty nationally for the number of degrees awarded for 30 consecutive years, a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Michigan Tech will prepare you to create a better tomorrow. Design components, devices, systems, and processes that will help solve today’s biggest challenges in health care, transportation, world hunger, climate change, and more. At Michigan Tech, you will gain the skill set necessary for driving technological innovation.

Mechanical engineers apply the principles of motion, energy, force, and materials to design products that are safe, efficient, reliable, and cost effective. In addition to design, these professionals work in research and development, testing, and manufacturing. Mechanical engineers are suited for employment in diverse areas, including the aerospace, automotive, biomedical, chemical, computer, communications, nanotechnology, and power-generation industries.

As a mechanical engineer, you will determine the direction of your career. Pathways are far-reaching and include:

  • Working with computer software to design and develop new machinery
  • Studying auto aerodynamics using powerful supercomputers
  • Inventing an ultrasonic device that deters whales, dolphins, and seals from swimming into fishing nets
  • Designing a rocket engine to withstand the subzero temperatures of outer space
  • Developing a microprobe small enough to dissect a single nerve cell under a microscope
  • Analyzing machinery such as gas turbines, control devices, and jet engines, with the goal of improving performance
  • Designing prostheses or biomedical devices
  • Research, Facilities, and More

  • Our state-of-the-art facilities allow students to experiment with real-world applications of mechanical engineering theory. Department labs and computer centers occupy over 50, 000 square feet and 12 stories in the R. L. Smith ME-EM Building.
  • Undergraduate research opportunities are plentiful. As early as your sophomore year, you can gain valuable experience working with a faculty mentor in diverse research thrust areas, including:
  • Advanced power systems
  • Multi-scale sensors and systems

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