Application of Engineering Mechanics [Mechanical engineering]

Application of Engineering Mechanics

Everything from individual particles to the tallest buildings to a rushing river experiences forces and torques. Each object—liquid or solid, large or small- responds differently under different conditions. Engineering mechanics examines these external forces by studying statics, dynamics, materials strength, elasticity, viscoelasticity and fluid dynamics. As a bridge between theory and application, engineering mechanics is used formulate new ideas and theories, discover and interpret phenomena, and develop experimental and computational tools. Faculty in the Department of Civil Engineering at the Case School of Engineering are conducting research in engineering mechanics for a of a wide variety of fields, including the aerospace, electronics, automotive, manufacturing, software, and computer industries.

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Application of maths in mechanical engineering.

Maths is a fundamental part of mechanical engineering, as it is with most disciplines, without maths engineering, of any kind would not be possible.

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