Anna University Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering [Mechanical engineering]

Anna University Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering

Materials Science & Engineers, CEG, Anna University: How is the material science program at Anna University?

Disclaimer: The following are my personal opinion about the program and is not a reflection of the vast majority.

Materials Science in CEG is only 9 years old and in this short period it has made a significant contribution to the research of the university. I wouldn't say that it is the best program in the country but it definitely is among the top ranked. There is always room for major improvement.

1) Research - Research, in my opinion is the biggest strength of the department. As I see it, undergrads in materials science spend a significant portion of their time in college doing research. The funding provided by the Center for Technology Development and Transfer during the third year it is extremely helpful and encourages students to take up research. Personally, I've known people who have presented their work in major International conferences in India and abroad. There is also a significant amount of publications by undergraduates every year in the department. The faculty are extremely helpful when it comes to research.

2) Faculty - the faculty who teach courses are knowledgeable and know what they are talking about. But, on the flip side only a few specialize in materials science. Faculty are extremely helpful and encourage questions and research.

3) Course - The course is extremely structured and the pace is moderate. The new regulation seems to have a lot more options on electives than the previous one. However, the nature of the syllabus is that it is extremely skewed towards metals and polymers (a good amount) that there are very limited if not no courses on electronic, optical or soft biomolecular materials.

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How much credits earned for final year be mechanical engineering students in Anna university chennai

The number of credits that must be earned for the final year in mechanical engineering students at Anna University in Chennai will vary based on their specific programe. The credits must total between 65 and 75.

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