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Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering

Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

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Aerospace Engineering

From super-efficient subsonic jet liners to a trans-atmospheric aircraft that can fly into orbit, aerospace engineers create new technologies in commercial aviation, defense systems, and space exploration. An aerospace engineering major at SLU provides a challenging technical education with a strong emphasis on understanding complex systems.

It launches your career with easy access to a sophisticated computer-aided design laboratory, wind tunnels, a water tunnel, a structures laboratory, and a reconfigurable engineering flight simulator. In addition, the practice of design skills is carefully integrated into the majority of the engineering courses. The design experience culminates in a sequence of two capstone design courses during the senior year.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a broad and challenging engineering program. Mechanical engineers create products and systems ranging from consumer products to automated processes that are essential to our society.

A mechanical engineering education at SLU provides a unique, intellectually challenging, hands-on curriculum that integrates a broad-based technical knowledge with tangible skills. The students learn the principles of solid modeling during the first two semesters of study. Thereafter, they study creative problem-solving, design and product realization.

Laboratory experiences in fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, machine shop, wind tunnels, water tunnel and mechatronics labs complement lectures.

Experiential Learning To Set You Apart From The Competition

The practice of design skills is carefully integrated into the majority of the engineering courses. The design experience culminates in a sequence of two capstone design courses during the senior year. In these courses, students work closely with faculty and industry to produce innovative designs.

Throughout their years of study, students enjoy excellent opportunities to participate in professional organizations as well as co-op and summer internships.

Staying Connected with Alumni

After graduation, we like to stay in touch with our alumni. If you are an Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering graduate, please take a few moments to rate how our curriculum prepared you for your career. This information will be used for accreditation purposes and continuous quality improvement. Participation in the survey will help us to make the programs better for current and future students.

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Which University is BEST for aerospace/mechanical engineering? | Yahoo Answers

Well University of waterloo has the best engineering program in all of canada, and it definitely blows the other universities out of the water for engineering. Its a great accomplishment that you got into all of these schools but I would definitely if i were you choose waterloo. Also I would recommend to go into a mechanical engineering program as opposed to aerospace because even though aerospace sounds more to deal with your field of choice when it comes down to it you will have as much opportunity for that field as anyone who graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. But the jo…

What is Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering?

Aerospace and mechanical engineering are concerned with designing machines to solve practical problems involving motion. The field gained momentum during the Industrial Revolution and is now widespread throughout human civilization. Using the principles of physics, an aerospace or mechanical engineer can manipulate materials and energy to achieve certain human objectives that require mechanized systems. The term aerospace typically refers to designed airplanes, helicopters and atmospheric rockets, but it can also include spacecraft. Aerospace engineering extends the techniques of mechan…

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