Aeronautical or Mechanical Engineering [Mechanical engineering]

Aeronautical or Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics

This degree programme combines the study of mechanical engineering, aeronautics and aerospace subjects.

You will benefit from our strong links with the aerospace industries. MEng students take part in a flight-testing course in a Jetstream aircraft.

You will study the same courses in the first three years whether you are on the BEng or MEng degree programme.

Year 1

You will study mathematics and engineering fundamentals including aerospace engineering, dynamics, electronics, manufacturing, materials, statics, thermodynamics and engineering skills.

Year 2

You will study applicable mathematics, applied mechanics, design and manufacture, microeconomics, elements of thermodynamics for aerospace propulsion, engineering computing, introduction to aerodynamics, additional mathematics, materials and power electronics.

Year 3

You will visit a number of industries in the UK and study more advanced engineering subjects: aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, aircraft performance, dynamics and control, flight mechanics, materials and manufacture, mathematical modelling and simulation, mechanics of materials and structures, propulsion and turbomachinery, and heat transfer.

Years 4 and 5

In year 4 you will study a range of core mechanical engineering subjects and core aeronautics subjects, plus a choice of advanced options. You will also undertake a team aerospace design project. Year 4 MEng students also undertake a multidisciplinary group project.

In Year 5 of the MEng programme an aerospace-focused individual project forms a major component of the programme, and in addition there are options from advanced engineering subjects.

Partnership and industry links

You will benefit from the close ties with industry developed by staff involved in the programme, with industrial case studies focused on the aerospace industries.

Our international links

You can apply to spend one year of your academic studies abroad at an accredited partner university. In year 5 MEng students can work on their project at overseas institutions.


  • Standard academic entry requirements: AAB.
  • Minimum academic entry requirements: BBB.
  • Other mandatory requirements: Must include Maths and Physics.

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Which is best aeronautical or mechanical engineering? | Yahoo Answers

Aerospace engineers in the western hemisphere make somewhat more money than mechanical engineers, on the order of 20% more.
In the USA, a master's degree program in aeronautical engineering will accept or even encourage applicants from other engineering disciplines, but will require them to take a few undergraduate aerodynamics courses before the "core" MS-level aero courses. Of course you could take a few aerodynamics courses as electives in the upper level of your mechanical engineering program if such courses are available at the institution where you study mechanical engineering.…

which one is best. aeronautic or mechanical engineering? | Yahoo Answers

Both the branches of Engineering have their own importance. However, if you are asking about the earning and the scope then it is Mechanical Engineering

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