Mechanical Engineering Technician Jobs [Mechanical engineering]

Mechanical Engineering Technician Jobs

Mechanical Engineering Technician Job Description

mechanical engineering technicianMechanical engineering technicians essential career information:

  • 2011 median pay: $51, 350
  • 2011, number of jobs: 44, 760
  • Employment growth forecast, 2010-2020: 4 percent
  • Entry-level education requirements: Associates degree

Mechanical engineering technicians; what they do:

Do you have an eye for extreme detail but absolutely no interest in being a writing editor? No problem, you are the perfect mechanical engineering technician technician Mechanical engineering technicians are the writers, editors, and fact checkers of the engineering world, only they use pictures and numbers instead of pesky words.

A mechanical engineer tech evaluates drawing designs of new or improved tools by measuring the drawing dimensions against the original specifications before preparing the layout and illustrated directions for piecing together new parts. A mechanical engineering tech clearly explains and demonstrates changes in how to assemble a part or how to use a part to coworkers.

A mechanical engineering technician career includes conducting numerous tests of parts to assure they are working most efficiently. A mechanical engineering tech also offers proposals for improvements when applicable. All tests involve scrupulous recording of procedures followed and data used or resulted.

A mechanical engineer tech career includes estimating labor costs, equipment life, and plant space.

Mechanical engineering technicians job titles:

  • Engineering Technician
  • Research and Development Technician
  • Mechanical Designer
  • Equipment Engineer
  • Engineering Lab Technician
  • Process Technician
  • Engineering Technical Analyst
  • Design Engineer

Mechanical Engineering Technicians, Education, Certification and License Requirements

A mechanical engineering tech career may begin with an associate’s degree from a vocational-technical school or a community college accredited by The Technology Accreditation of ABET (formerly the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology). Many vocational schools and community colleges provide an Associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Mechanical engineering technicians also receive additional on the job training once they are hired.

research and development technician design engineer

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What mechanical engineer job will give huge positive impact to the world? - Quora

Positive Impact on the World: 
1. Cleantech
2. Solve water purification problem
3. Create tools to help the 3rd world farmers
Cleantech: Windpower - This is a combination of dynamics (wind turbines have torque issues that need to be solved).
Solar power- Thermodynamics to help improve efficiencies.
Water purification - There has to be a way that can catch on in the 3rd world. Still too many issues here.
A lot of food is wasted due to expensive tools.  I have heard that in India 1/3 of the fruits/vegetables are spoiled before they reach the markets.  Find a low energy/ low cost device to prote…

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