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Thank you for your interest in Boston University. With a dynamic and diverse workforce, a great benefits package, social and cultural events, and the stability of a successful institution that has grown steadily since 1839, Boston University offers excellent opportunities for personal and career growth to all of its employees. Below is a listing of current faculty and staff openings in the Mechanical Engineering Department. For more information on Boston University, you can also visit the Human Resources webpage.

Current Faculty Searches

There are 4 open faculty searches in Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Professor in Biomechanics Position

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University invites applicants for a tenure-track faculty position in biomechanics, to begin Fall 2016. This position is at the level of Assistant Professor. The department seeks to build upon its core strength in mechanical engineering as well as its collaborative research areas in mechanics of biological materials and soft materials.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is multi-disciplinary with strong research programs in Robotics, MEMs and Nanotechnology, Biomechanics, Thermo-fluid Sciences and Energy, Acoustics (including bioacoustics and ultrasound), and Materials. The department is further strengthened by its affiliation with the Division of Materials Science and Engineering, the Department of Biomedical Engineering, the Division of Systems Engineering, the Photonics Center, and the Fraunhofer USA Center for Manufacturing Innovation. Both the Department and the College of Engineering at Boston University are working to implement ambitious five-year plans that envision substantial growth in the coming years.

The Department has 45 primary faculty members (35 tenured or on the tenure track), many of whom hold secondary appointments in other Departments and Divisions within the College. Undergraduate and graduate enrollments are approximately 530 and 190 respectively. Our BS degree in mechanical engineering allows for optional concentrations in aerospace engineering, manufacturing engineering, energy technologies, nanotechnology, and technology innovation. At the graduate level, the Department offers research and professional Masters degrees in both mechanical and manufacturing engineering and the PhD in mechanical engineering.

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What mechanical engineer job will give huge positive impact to the world? - Quora

Positive Impact on the World: 
1. Cleantech
2. Solve water purification problem
3. Create tools to help the 3rd world farmers
Cleantech: Windpower - This is a combination of dynamics (wind turbines have torque issues that need to be solved).
Solar power- Thermodynamics to help improve efficiencies.
Water purification - There has to be a way that can catch on in the 3rd world. Still too many issues here.
A lot of food is wasted due to expensive tools.  I have heard that in India 1/3 of the fruits/vegetables are spoiled before they reach the markets.  Find a low energy/ low cost device to prote…

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