Mechanical Engineering Job Responsibilities [Mechanical engineering]

Mechanical Engineering Job Responsibilities

Mechanical Engineering Roles and Responsibilities in Oil and Gas

A mechanical engineer in oil and gas should be able to communicate well with the crew on the field.A mechanical engineer in oil and gas should be able to communicate well with the crew on the field.

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Mechanical engineers in oil and gas are responsible for many different aspects of the oil mining and refinement process, including designing and installing equipment, designing and overseeing large projects, and researching and developing new technologies in the field. The work is complex, so mechanical engineers in this field need a high level of education and training. Some may even complete master's degrees.

Education Required

Mechanical engineering is a complicated profession, so it takes an individual with a refined education to be a good fit for the industry. Would-be mechanical engineers in the oil and gas field should have a bachelor's degree in engineering, preferably in a sub-field of study like civil, mechanical or petroleum engineering. Because mechanical engineers need to know 3D modeling and design, prospective engineers should particularly focus on mathematical aspects of their studies just as much as the hands-on mechanical skills.

Licensing Credentials

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, all 50 states require engineers to have a license to offer public engineering services. The license, which designates engineers as professional engineers, or PEs, typically requires a degree from an engineering program, passing a state-provided exam, and several years of work experience in the industry. If you're a recent graduate and don't have job experience yet, you can take the exam in two stages. The Fundamentals of Engineering exam can be taken immediately after you finish school, and those who pass it are known as engineers in training. The next exam is the Principles and Practice of Engineering, which allows engineers in training to become fully licensed PEs upon passing.

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What are the job prospects of a Mechanical Engineer after doing B.Tech? | Yahoo Answers

I would consider internship it is the best way to get your foot in the door of that company that you have your eyes set on.You will gain a working knowledge of it and your already on the inside that's the hardest part . good luck

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