Mechanical Engineering Job prospects [Mechanical engineering]

Mechanical Engineering Job prospects

What are the job prospects after doing an MS in Mechanical Engineering?

I have done my Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Tech and I am employed at one of the OEMs in the Detroit area. I hope I can clear out your query efficiently.
Job scenario l, I wouldn't say is bad at all, but it ain't as good as the Electronics/IT sector.
There are a few locations like the Detroit area which is full of Mechanical Engineers from the automobile / Design / NVH back ground. Do not worry if you are a fresher. The big 3- Chrysler, Ford, GM, have many suppliers in and around the area. The work strength of suppliers vary from 20-1000. The work strength of the OEMs is in thousands. So I would say Detroit is a nice place to be. There are some start ups on the east coast area.. near Connecticut. Some other places one can work is Caterpillar- Peoria, Kohler- Sheboygan, Cummins- Indiana Jamestown & Minnesota, John Deere- Waterloo and of course there is Tesla. There are Honda, Volkswagen, Toyota R&D and manufacturing companies. There is GE near Cincinnati. I have not yet considered the medical device corporations, pharmaceutical machinery, aerospace and other medium to large scale companies. Texas has oil and gas engineering places to work. If you happen to have industrial engineering courses then there is a decent scope too. I am looking at and roughly searching for Mechanical engineer jobs and the list ain't ending. There are so many small scale industries I cannot even sum it up.

The US NEWS website gives the following advice..

How to Get a Job as a Mechanical Engineer

"Like other professions, it helps to have some inside demonstrative ability in the field, " Loughlin says. “Many schools are using capstone-type projects which give students a chance to sharpen their engineering skills, but also their organizational, management and communication skills." While job prospects look good, mechanical engineers with training in software tools for computational design and simulation, as well as those knowledgeable about 3-D printing, will likely have a leg-up over other candidates. Joining professional organizations can also help you can pick up practical experience and broaden your network. Some organizations include Engineers Without Borders, Engineering for Change and demographic-specific groups like the Society of Women Engineers.

What is the Job Like?

From laboring on oil platforms in the Gulf Coast, to camping in China to construct a skyscraper, to the simplicity of a suburban office, the work environment for a mechanical engineer is very fluid. According to Loughlin, about 90 percent of those in the profession have a time card that reads 9-to-5, making for a career that is often friendly toward an individual’s personal life. "I'd put it on par with any other profession, " Loughlin says about the work-life balance. "Certainly far better than being a lawyer, but maybe not as good as being a dentist." But for those assigned to a project that has a months long deadline rather than a years long deadline, it's a more feverish pace, adding a little more sweat to the brow.

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I would consider internship it is the best way to get your foot in the door of that company that you have your eyes set on.You will gain a working knowledge of it and your already on the inside that's the hardest part . good luck

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