Mechanical Engineering Job Openings [Mechanical engineering]

Mechanical Engineering Job Openings

Job Opportunities

Information about paid and unpaid positions within MechSE and elsewhere can be found by following the links below.

  • Faculty Positions in MechSE
    Openings in the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering for tenure- and non-tenure-track faculty.
  • Post-graduate Positions
    Openings in industry, government and academia requiring BS, MS and/or PhD degrees in mechanical engineering/mechanics, or utilizing skills developed through mechanical science and engineering study.
  • Student Employment
    Part-time academic year and full-time summer opportunities for undergraduate students.
  • Undergraduate Research
    Working with a professor or graduate student as an undergraduate research assistant can be a very rewarding educational experience. Students can explore interesting topics in greater depth than is possible in a classroom setting. Undergraduate research experience also provides excellent preparation for graduate studies. UG Research Assistants typically work 5-10 hours per week, and are either paid an hourly rate or earn technical elective credit.
  • Internships and Co-ops
    Internships and co-ops are paid positions through which students gain valuable practical experience and exposure to real-world engineering. In co-op positions, students alternate periods of employment and study, working at least two semesters and one summer with the same company, for a total of approximately 12 months of experience. Internships typically involve a commitment of either a semester or a summer.
  • Extern Program
    MechSE's Extern Program also exposes students to real-world engineering. However, the time commitment is short—typically two or three days during the winter break—and students are not paid, although host companies may assist with travel, lodging or meal expenses. Through the Extern Program, students may gain greater clarity about career goals and their programs of study, and may make valuable contacts for future employment.
  • Volunteer Positions
    A number of organizations in the area rely on volunteers to help them fulfill their missions. Volunteering can develop interpersonal and professional skills, create a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, and provide experience that potential employers find valuable.

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