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Mechanical Engineering Diploma Jobs

How do I get a job in Germany after completing mechanical engineering in India?

So you want to study in the land of Luther and Einstein? This is a great decision considering that American universities modeled their top graduate schools after the German universities with their passion for research. The Heidelberg University is one of the finest universities in Europe and in the world, really. Additionally, you might want to consider Leipzig, but it is the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU Munich), the RWTH Aachen University and the Technical University Munich that are the best for mechanical and industrial engineering in Germany.

These schools rank in the top 50 ranking of the world's best universities for mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing engineering. Additionally, the universities also feature in the Top 100 QS World University Rankings for engineering.

Let's now look at the admission process, admission procedures, tuition and fees, scores/tests required for two of these universities.LMU MunichThis is a public research university that is renowned for its academic diversity and support. It is indeed a popular destination for graduate students, with a growing number of master programs taught in English. Generally, bachelors and masters programs are taught in German.

The engineering courses at this university are going to be in German and applicants will have to be proficient in the language. All engineering courses are Master's level.

Candidates must hold a bachelor or Diploma degree in mechanical or industrial engineering or a related subject to be admitted. It is difficult to get in and this is more so for EU students. Nonetheless, one needs to have excellent grades. The program website provides all the details on the admission procedures. There really aren't any tests that are required and the tuition and fees are very affordable especially when you compare with studying in the United States or over in the United Kingdom.

University degrees in mechanical/industrial engineering is more than sufficient to get admitted and succeed at these German programs. Care must be taken to study the appropriate specialization and the necessary electives or additional subjects to get a leg up during the admissions process. It seems like the best source of information on this is pre-planning and contacting places like the Dean's office at RWTH Aachen University will be helpful.

As for the tuition fees, it doesn't cost more for foreign students than it does for German nationals. A lot of universities including this one are actually tuition free!

Scholarships can come in the form of grants and loans from the German Academic Exchange Service, the US Fulbright Commission, the German National Academic Foundation and cultural institutions or political foundations.

You might still want to consider Heidelberg as it will give a well-rounded top-notch German education. After all, this was the university where the fictional Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory got his first Visiting Professor gig at.

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