Mechanical Engineering Aerospace Jobs [Mechanical engineering]

Mechanical Engineering Aerospace Jobs

Dexter J. Edmond
Mechanical Engineer
Marshall Space Flight Center
GMI Engineering and Management Institute
Joined NASA as a co-op in 1993 and as a full-time employee in 1997

"As an engineer in the Mechanical Design Division of the Propulsion Laboratory at Marshall, my job essentially involves the design of mechanical ground support equipment in support of various projects. I’m working the MGSE Team of the Fastrac/60K Engine as part of the Low Cost Technologies Program. I’m responsible for the design of the Vertical Engine Installer, which will be used to support testing of the Frastrac/60K Engine. I’ve been involved with this project from its beginning, which has allowed me to make inputs to the design of some of the engine components. Also, the cooperative nature of this program has allowed me to travel and be involved with the design process from its initial concept through fabrication to operator usage.
"As a flight systems engineer with the Flight Systems Branch at Armstrong, I carry out systems engineering, programming, and experiment integration on the F-18 System Research Aircraft. Right now we’ve just completed flight test of an electromechanical actuator in place of the hydraulic actuator on the left aileron of the aircraft. We hope this technology will be used to eventually develop aircraft with only electric systems and no hydraulic system at all. This change in technology would lead to increased efficiency and safety, since there would be no hydraulic lines to sever, less fuel consumption, and less maintenance.

Steve Jensen
Flight Systems Engineer
Armstrong Flight Research Center
Joined NASA in 1998

Scott Olive
Construction Manager
Stennis Space Center
Mississippi State University
Joined NASA in 1998

"As a construction manager at Stennis, my job essentially involves ensuring that designs are properly implemented within the customer’s budget and schedule. This requires close interaction with construction personnel and design engineers. Right now, I’m working on modifying a test stand for testing engine components for the RS 76 test program. This test program requires the fabrication of 15, 000 psig nitrogen, 8, 500 psig liquid oxygen, and 8, 500 psig RP-1 piping systems.

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What Mechanical engineering Aerospace are in Gunskirchen?

That depends on your experience.
Do you think it is stressful to design an application that can be the difference between life and death for a human? Or, do you think of it as exciting and a great opportunity to advance our standard of living?
Yes, you will have projects that can vary from designing an rocket booster to choosing a bolt with the appropriate strength characteristics for an application. Some of these projects will be independent, some will be part of a team.
If you are a problem-solver, engineering is for you. If you enjoy the physical problems, then focus on mechanical…

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