Marine Engine Mechanic Jobs [Mechanical engineering]

Marine Engine Mechanic Jobs

Marine Mechanics: Career, Salary and Education Information

Marine mechanics are part of a larger group known as small engine mechanics. While many of these professionals possess some skills and knowledge in all types of small engines, most specialize in one area. Those who choose marine mechanics careers diagnose, repair, inspect, and make necessary adjustments to motorboats and small watercraft.

Some aspects of small engine repair are becoming computerized; for instance, some larger marine repair shops use computerized diagnostic testing equipment, which helps to pinpoint problems needed to be repaired. Also, some highly-skilled marine mechanics use computerized equipment to fine-tune and customize motorboats for racing. For most jobs, though, marine mechanics use standard hand tools: wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers. Marine mechanics also might use compression gauges, ammeters and voltmeters, and other testing devices to diagnose and tune engines.

A Day in the Life of a Marine Mechanic

Marine mechanics mostly work in repair shops, although sometimes they work outdoors at docks or marinas. For small motorboats and watercraft, engines are easily removed and brought into repair shops. But for larger craft, such as commercial fishing boats, engines are removed only for major overhauls. Therefore, most of these repairs are done on site, at docks and marinas.

In addition to engines, marine mechanics might also work on marine plumbing, propellers, steering mechanisms, and other boat equipment.

Repairing equipment is just one task of marine mechanics, who actually spend much of their time conducting routine maintenance. Small engines need regular service to minimize the risk of breaking down and to keep at peak performance levels. For routine equipment maintenance, marine mechanics use a checklist that includes inspection and cleaning of the electrical system, fuel system, and other parts.

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