List of Jobs for Mechanical Engineers [Mechanical engineering]

List of Jobs for Mechanical Engineers

Wanted: mechanical engineers for high-demand, high-pay jobs

Almost half of the hiring managers at U.S.-focused energy companies say they plan to step up hiring during the second half of the year, according to results of Rigzone’s first hiring survey.

Engineering jobs dominate the list of new positions, the survey showed, with mechanical engineers topping the list. The need for mechanical engineers is exacerbated by a short supply, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for this group is 3.4 percent.


In conjunction with there being more work in the energy field, the industry is up against a steady round of retirements in the coming years.

In general, the online energy data outlet found 54 percent of hiring managers reported that candidates are increasingly asking for more money than they were six months ago. North American-based mechanical engineers working in the oil and gas industry earned an average $102, 095 in the past year, Rigzone found. Hiring managers were split between 39 percent who said they are seeing or making more counter-offers than six months ago, and 40 percent who said that wasn’t the case.

“The results are encouraging for oil and gas professional who’ve seen new jobs created this year, but at a slower pace than we’ve enjoyed in the past few years, ” Rigzone President Paul Caplan said in a statement. “And for engineers, it’s your market for the taking — solving the energy challenge and earning more — not a bad combination.”

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