Jobs with Mechanical Engineering degree [Mechanical engineering]

Jobs with Mechanical Engineering degree

Mechanical Engineering Degrees

Mechanical engineering careers in aeronautics

Mechanical engineering careers

Mechanical engineering careers span many different sectors of society, including transport, manufacturing and industry, healthcare, food processing, communications and media, energy production and defence. Within each of these sectors, different types of roles are available, including research, product development, quality control and maintenance.

Aeronautics includes the design and manufacturing of flight-capable machines, and the techniques of operating aircraft and rockets within the atmosphere. Mechanical engineering graduates who pursue careers in aeronautics may become specialized aerospace engineers, contributing to the design and construction of new aircraft and spacecraft, including missiles and rockets.

Mechanical engineering careers in rail travel

If you wish to specialize in the rail travel sector, you are likely to work as a rail engineering technician.Mechanical engineering careers in the automotive sector This means that you'll help to design, build and/or service the mechanical and electrical systems used in train engines and other types of rolling stock. You may be tasked with conducting maintenance checks and testing mechanical systems, or focus on designing new engines, carriages and parts.

The automotive sector encompasses the design and manufacturing of new road vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles and buses. As an automotive engineer, you may be focused on research and development, design, production processes or testing. You’re likely to be specialized in a particular part of automotive engineering, such as exhaust systems or structural design.

Mechanical engineering careers in healthcare technologies

Mechanical engineering careers in defenceHealthcare is another popular choice for many mechanical engineering graduates. If you decide to pursue a career in this industry, you’ll have the chance to be involved in developing and improving the cutting-edge technologies used in healthcare. Again, roles here could be focused on research and development, design, testing or maintenance.

With a mechanical engineering degree you’ll also be in high demand within the military, contributing to the design, construction and repair of military vehicles and equipment. As an incorporated engineer, you would specialize in the day-to-day management of engineering operations. At chartered level, you would have a more strategic role, involving planning, researching and developing new ideas, and streamlining management methods.

Mechanical engineering careers in robotics

As a robotics engineer you may work in the agricultural, military, medical, and manufacturing industries, among others, conceiving new uses for robots, designing improved robots for existing systems, or repairing and maintaining industrial robots. Hands-on technical jobs can easily be found in the robotics engineering field, but there are also plenty of opportunities to take on more inventive roles in experimental arenas.

More experienced mechanical engineers may choose to pursue consulting roles, working either as part of a consultancy or as an independent contractor. This means the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects at different types of organization, providing expert advice, and perhaps also taking on project management duties.

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