Jobs in Mechanical Engineering field [Mechanical engineering]

Jobs in Mechanical Engineering field

I am having trouble getting a job in the Mechanical Engineering field

I agree with and . It is really hard to get the first job. As a rule, many companies what some experience, which is three years or more. Here are some tips:

1. Don't expect the first job to be at the "average starting income" that is stated in the press. The "average" includes those who graduated from prestigious universities hired at top companies. The candidate is an individual. The candidate needs to set expectations in the businesses that are looking for positions to fill. Don't think that the first position will be the last.

2. The candidate needs to market themselves to the positions that are available. Everyone wants to work at Google. They may be getting 1000 resumes from across the world for one position. No matter how good a resume is, the odds would be stacked against the candidate. Look for positions where the odds are more in the candidate's favor.

3. I have stated this in other postings, but the resume is what gets the candidate in the door. The interview is how one gets the offer. The interview is how the manager and company decide how a candidate fits. They need to feel comfortable with the decision. The candidate needs to practice their story. Work on PAR (problem, action, response) answers.

4. Understand the market in your region. If the candidate has a background in robotics, but the market is looking for engineers who design roller bearings, it will be tough to find a position. Find a way to use your experience to market in the area

5. Set an expectation that a company will not pay for relocation. If an area is poor for the kind of position desired, be prepared to move. Be careful not to move to an area too small. If a position is taken and it is lost, this will mean that the candidate will need to move. Understand the corporate geography. Look at who may hire the candidate, and then the next step after that.

6. It takes time to hire a candidate. From the initial job posting to the first phone interviews can take one to three months. To go through all of the phone, first, second interviews, and offer can take a company six months. Managers are on the hook for bad hires. They will want to have a candidate that fits the position. The best advice is to look at interviewing like an assembly line. Try to get at least one phone interview a week. Hopefully, the first interview will be the next week. The second interview after 4 weeks. Use the process to increase the odds of employment. Try to get these to overlap so if one falls aside, another can take its place. A good goal is to have more than one offer after this process.

7. Network. Make sure that there is a LinkedIn account so that recruiters can find the candidate. Join organizations and church groups that have job seeking services. See if the university has help as well.

8. The Monster board and CareerBuilder are bad sources of jobs. By the time these postings have hit, companies are deluged with resumes. This is why LinkedIn and networking are the best places to start.

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it depends.. but to me i prefer solidwork..
But overall.. you should do on something you really like doing.. it always up to you to decide..
im a mechanical engineering guy and i think anyone with basic engineering knowledge can do it.. experience is the best teacher for me.. you will learn more as you go.. because sometimes it's not just because you excel in methamatic modelling.. it's more to logical design.. i guess.. come on and join the club!

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