Jobs for Fresher Mechanical Engineer [Mechanical engineering]

Jobs for Fresher Mechanical Engineer

How do you land an off-campus job as a mechanical engineering fresher?

I did my engineering in wasn't a good phase of recruitment as it was strong recession period and few companies which came to campus were offering 6k per month and that too after long recruitment process. Here is what happened. Few companies came on campus recruitment drive and only few got selected and unfortunately I couldn't get into any of them. As the time passed, I became more anxious and tensed. With little bucks left in my account, here is what I did to get the off campus job very soon and that too a lucrative offer in Mumbai.

1)Master any one of ur subject which will give u an added advantage during interview process. u can select thermodynamics, automobile, strength of material etc. Brush your basic knowledge of mechanical engineering like stress, strain, material science, basic electrical, manufacturing process, thermodynamics etc. You can search for these on net.They are easily available. Explore

2) make your communication skills far more better.Most of candidates have degraded pronounciation and unawareness of grammer and tenses. Don't take it casually.

3) Get in touch with HR or recruiter on LinkedIn. I got some of the offer through LinkedIn too.

4) be ready for questions like why you couldn't make it in campus recruitment process. Answer should not be fabricated, instead try to be honest and show your enthusiasm for joining the company.

4) Gone are those days when freshers were hired and trained on board. Now no one wants to train freshers. Exploit this opportunity and learn some industrial skills in advance. It will be anew added advantage for u in getting job.

5) Be well dressed while appearing for interview. It's a first impression which is also last impression. Spend some bucks on decent formal clothing. Remember, recruiter notices every delicate details of urs. That is what he is paid for.

6) few questions are universal like tell me something about yourself and answers too are universal like my name is..I graduated from..percentage.. This that.. Well try to make your answer creative. Tell him/ her about your career prospects, your vision in life and talk about skills and industrial knowledge. No one is interested in knowing how many brother and sisters you are. It's a job hunting process and not a daily soap which will be aired on TV. Recruiter has already gone through your CV and he knows your percentage. Reiterating details already mentioned in ur CV is just a waste of time and it will annoy the recruiter and then everything left over will be a formality. Try to search on Google for some unique ans.

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Try to specialized in rotating equipments or piping design and installation, that is a good potential for high salaries

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