Jobs after Mechanical Engineering [Mechanical engineering]

Jobs after Mechanical Engineering

What is the best course to do after completing a  mechanical engineering degree?

Thanks a lot for asking to answer.

I am really sorry I will not be able to help as I have no idea about Mechanical engineering and career related to it. But I would like to share my story with you.

I completed my MCA in 2011 from Chandigarh. My academics and preparation for placement was going well. Lot of companies visited our campus for placement but as the destiny had it, I could not get a job. After completion of my degree, I searched for job around my place but I could not get a job. 6 months went this way and in January 2012, I decided to move to Bangalore in search of job. When I started from my place I was optimistic and hopeful that I will soon get a job there. I reached Bangalore on the morning of 27th Jan, 2012.

I started searching for job and appeared in lot of interviews. At some places I did well and some not so well. But I kept hope that I will find a good job. Finally I got selected in a company on 24th March, 2012.

So from my own experience I will request you to not give up hope. Have faith in your abilities and your self. We achieve everything through faith and hope.

I would highly suggest you to please read the following book -

As a man thinketh - James Allen

PDF of this book is available for free over internet. I have found this book very helpful. By reading and following it, great positive and constructive changes have happened in my life.

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