Examples of Mechanical Engineering Jobs [Mechanical engineering]

Examples of Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Mechanical Engineering Careers, Jobs and Employment Career Information

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Mechanical Engineering Career Overview

Mechanical engineers are engaged in researching, developing, designing, manufacturing, and testing mechanical devices like tools, engines, machines, etc. They work on developing both power producing as well as power using machines. Examples of power-producing machines are electric generators, internal combustion engines, and steam and gas turbines. Examples of power-using machines are refrigerators and air-conditioning equipment, machine tools, material handling systems, elevators and escalators, industrial production equipment, and robots used in the production process. Mechanical engineers are also involved in designing tools and equipment that other engineers require for their work. These days, the field of nanotechnology (which involves the creation of high-performance materials and components by integrating atoms and molecules) is has introduced completely new principles to the design process.
Mechanical engineers are assisted by computers and by performing accurate and efficient computations and by completing the modeling and simulation of new designs as well as facilitating changes to existing designs. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) are used for design data processing and for converting mere designs into goods and products.

The work of mechanical engineers differ as per the industry they are employed in and the function that they are expected to perform. These engineers specialize in energy systems; applied mechanics; automotive design; manufacturing; materials; plant engineering and maintenance; pressure vessels and piping; and heating, refrigeration, and air-conditioning systems and as such can be employed in various industries. Mechanical engineering is thus one of the broadest engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineers may either be hired in manufacturing operations in production or agriculture, maintenance, or technical sales; or may be involved in administrative or managerial tasks.

In 2002, mechanical engineers had around 215, 000 jobs. About half of those jobs were in the manufacturing sector—mainly in machinery, transportation equipment, IT and electronic products, and fabricated metal products manufacturing industries. Architectural, engineering, and related services and the Federal Government employed the remaining engineers.

Mechanical Engineering Job and Employment Opportunities

The employment of mechanical engineers is predicted to increase in the period through 2012, bit at a rate which is slightly slower than the growth rate for other occupations. Although overall employment in the production sector (which hires the most mechanical engineers) is expected to fall a little, the employment of mechanical engineers in manufacturing should grow faster than...

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