Diesel Engine Mechanic Jobs [Mechanical engineering]

Diesel Engine Mechanic Jobs

As the name implies, Diesel Mechanics build, maintain and service anything that runs with a diesel engine. Some mechanics work with individual car owners to diagnose damage and handle repairs, and they may deal with everything from routine maintenance to engine diagnostics. Diesel Mechanics may also help to retrofit older diesel vehicles to help them comply with state or federal emissions requirements. An additional group of Diesel Mechanics works in research, development and design in order to create new diesel vehicles for military, commercial and personal use.

Diesel Mechanic Educational Requirements

In order to be hired as a Diesel Mechanic, individuals will need to have completed some kind of training in the field. Post-secondary certifications in subjects like automotive technology and diesel engine repair will be suitable for many positions, but some employers may be looking specifically for bachelor's degrees in the field. In some cases, on-the-job training may be sufficient, but it can take as many as four years on the job in order to be considered a journeyman Diesel Mechanic.

Diesel Mechanic Job Outlook

Statistics show that between 2012 and 2022, there will be a 9-percent increase in job demand for Diesel Mechanics, which translates to an additional 21, 600 positions created within the field. This predicted rate of growth is average, and it may be encouraging to those who are planning to pursue an education or a full-time career in the field. Other diesel jobs include Diesel Technician.

Diesel Mechanic Salaries

In May 2012, the average median salary for a Diesel Mechanic working in the United States was $42, 320. Mechanics working for government agencies and organizations were able to secure slightly higher pay, and those who repair and maintenance diesel engines earned slightly less. While individuals can use these averages for an estimate, specific wages will always be based on experience, education, location and skill level.

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