California Mechanical Engineering Jobs [Mechanical engineering]

California Mechanical Engineering Jobs

2016 Mechanical Engineering Internships in California

Find a 2016 mechanical engineering Internship in California. At the nexus of design, technology, and industry sits mechanical engineering, a field as diverse as it is crucial to society. Mechanical engineering internships train students and recent graduates to create machines, products, and technological systems. Interns in mechanical engineering can work in private corporations and small businesses, public infrastructure, government agencies and militaries, or universities.

We are a society that runs at a breakneck speed, and many internships in mechanical engineering focus on the generation and delivery of energy, natural gas, and oil to support that pace. Work with your city’s power authority, for example, to develop specifications and drawings for new equipment systems including cooling water, air compressors, and rigging equipment. The megawatts don’t stop there: mechanical engineering interns may help provide nuclear power, construct fossil fuel facilities, build hydroelectric dams, and develop alternative fuel and renewable energy systems.

Mechanical engineering internships also concentrate on the products and appliances that drive everyday life, be it lasers printers or airplanes. Working in conjunction with other engineers and specialists, students break ground on emerging fields like medical bio-technology. Imagine, for example, creating an artificial limb that is lightweight, durable, and compatible with the human body. In this scenario, interns in mechanical engineering are the experts in designing motion in a team of doctors and biologists.

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Very good; you can use to search for ME jobs by state and you will see that there are alot available.
however getting a job is highly dependant on your skillsets (particulary CAE/CAD), work experience, and education level. Also there is good work for MEs in Industrial Design that you may like for the artistic ability.
Keep in mind that finding a good job is not usually found from job boards.

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