Aircraft Engine Mechanic Jobs [Mechanical engineering]

Aircraft Engine Mechanic Jobs

An aircraft mechanic performs repairs and maintenance on all types of aircrafts. This job requires close attention to detail and safety requirements, as a simple error could result in serious problems for an airline or aircraft manufacturer. The Federal Aviation Administration also requires routine aircraft inspections, so an aircraft mechanic may play a role in this process. Most people in these roles will work in repair stations, airfields, or hangers. They might work alongside aerospace engineers or mechanical engineers. Since flights depart and arrive throughout all hours of the day and night, many aircraft mechanics work evening and weekend shifts. Those working in this field must adhere to strict deadlines and safety compliance requirements. It is also a physical job that requires lifting, bending, and climbing on ladders and scaffolds.

Aircraft Mechanic Job Education Requirements

Most aircraft mechanic positions require an education from an aviation maintenance technician school that is approved by the FAA. This type of program will include learning about the parts of an aircraft and how to properly repair them, as well as information about federal regulations. Aircraft mechanics usually hold certifications with the FAA as well. Some candidates might enter this career path after spending time in the military, and others might receive extensive on-the-job training instead of taking classes.

Aircraft Mechanic Job Market

The job market for aircraft mechanics is growing slowly. Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show an estimated growth rate of 2 percent by 2022, which will add about 3, 500 jobs during that time. Those who are certified with the FAA Airframe and Power plant (A&P) will typically have more opportunities than those who have no certifications.

Aircraft Mechanic Job Salary Information

The median salary for an aircraft mechanic is $55, 230 per year. Those who specialize in repair and maintenance of a certain type or brand of aircraft might earn more than generalist aircraft mechanics.

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Which aircraft mechanic works on jet engines?

The license for maintenance on jets takes a certified school on aviation maintenance and afterward 18 months on the job training with supervision and an endorsement from the employer to apply for the test for the license.

What are highest paying jobs as aircraft mechanics.

The median expected salary for a typical Aircraft Mechanic (Jet) in the United States is $74,550. Thank you for using

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